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Trish Frederick
Acrylic Artist, Co-Op Coordinator




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St. Augustine, FL 32095

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A Little About Trish: A Self-Taught Artist with a Passion for Skies

Drawn to the drama of the natural world, Trish is a self-taught acrylic artist whose work is particularly known for its breathtaking skies. From majestic cloudscapes to vibrant seascapes and tranquil landscapes, Trish captures the beauty of the world around her.

During the Covid lockdown, Trish discovered a hidden talent for painting. With a daily discipline of learning new techniques, she found immense joy in creating art that inspires her imagination. Today, she's a proud member of your art co-op, constantly honing her skills and eager to share her artistic journey.

Trish's passion for nature stems from years of traveling the country with her husband. Together, they explored diverse landscapes, from the grandeur of mountains to the serenity of wetlands, experiences that continue to inspire her artwork.

Before becoming an artist, Trish spent over 20 years living in Las Vegas, Nevada. There, she attended the University of Nevada and channeled her creativity into jewelry design, selling her pieces online and even on a television shopping network.

Now residing in historic St. Augustine, Florida, Trish finds endless inspiration in the natural beauty that surrounds her.

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