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Juan Estralla
Charcoal & Graphite Artist




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St. Augustine, FL 32095

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A Little About Juan: Capturing the Essence in Charcoal and Graphite

Driven by a passion for photorealism, Juan is a self-taught artist who meticulously renders his subjects in charcoal and graphite. He thrives on the challenge of capturing every detail, using pencils to recreate the subtle play of tones.

Animals, portraits, and flowers are the cornerstones of Juan's artistic world. He dedicates countless hours to depicting the unique characteristics of his subjects, whether it's the twinkle in an animal's eye, the crinkle around a smile, or the delicate form of a flower. His ultimate goal is to create a connection between his subject and the viewer, evoking an emotional response that transcends the canvas.

Juan's artistic journey is further enriched by his love for creating themed series. His captivating "African Series" began with a majestic elephant matriarch and has since expanded to explore the diverse beauty of African wildlife. Currently, he's engrossed in a "Period Series," breathing new life into iconic actors like Clint Eastwood, Chuck Connors, Marilyn Monroe, and a young Elvis.

For those interested in learning more about Juan's artwork or potential commissions, feel free to contact him directly via email.

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