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Amy Myers
Photographer, Co-Op Coordinator




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St. Augustine, FL 32095

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A Little About Amy: Capturing the Spirit in Every Click

Amy isn't just a photographer; she's a storyteller. With a keen eye for the undefinable moments that make life special, she uses her camera to capture the essence of children and pets, their personalities shining through in every frame.

Growing up as an Air Force kid, Amy's one constant was her father's old Pentax film camera, which sparked a lifelong passion for photography.


Her dual bachelor's degrees in studio art and business management, with a focus on museum studies, provide a unique perspective. She understands the artistic side of capturing a moment while also possessing the know-how to navigate the art world.

Children hold a special place in Amy's photographic heart, and recently, she's developed a love for capturing the personalities of family pets. Her talent lies in building genuine connections, coaxing out smiles and playful moments that translate into timeless photographs.

Amy's dedication to her craft is evident in her ongoing pursuit of honing her skills. She thrives on the adventure of capturing stories, one click at a time.

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