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Marcela Hampel
Watercolor Artist



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St. Augustine, FL 32095

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A Little About Marcela: From Algorithms to Aquawash

Marcela was born and raised in Argentina, spending the first 35 years of her life there. She built a career in computer science, studying at the Northeast National University in Corrientes and working as a programmer.

In 2012, Marcela's life took a dramatic turn when she and her family moved to Ohio. The harsh winter, combined with the challenges of a new language and unfamiliar surroundings, brought feelings of isolation. However, this difficult experience also sparked a hidden creativity. As she describes it, "the combination of loneliness, cold, and a new house that needed to be filled brought me to painting."

Marcela discovered a love for watercolor painting. She thrives on the challenge it presents, particularly the meticulous analysis of light and shape required before even applying a brushstroke. Nature serves as her endless source of inspiration. From the "disheveled beauty" of geranium and iris petals to the "neat rows" of orchids and the "unconventional patterns" of tropical plants, the natural world provides a stunning array of subjects that allow her to explore a vast spectrum of colors in her artwork.

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