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Sharon Coleman
Abstract Artist



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St. Augustine, FL 32095

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A Little About Sharon: Inspired by Florida's Palette

Sharon's artistic journey has been a vibrant exploration of medium and message. She began with charcoals, then transitioned to oils, before finally finding her artistic home with acrylics. Inspiration for her work flows freely from the wellspring of her travels, captured memories in photographs, and the inherent beauty of her home state, Florida.

Sharon's creative spark ignites when she encounters a photograph that evokes a particular feeling, be it energetic or serene. This emotional connection fuels her exploration of color's expressive potential - hues, contrasts, and the very essence of vibrancy found in nature. She masterfully translates these emotions onto the canvas, seamlessly blending abstract and representational styles. For Sharon, capturing the essence of color is paramount.

From the ever-shifting hues of a sunrise or sunset to the raw energy of crashing waves and the dramatic contrast of white clouds against a brilliant blue sky, Sharon's artwork bursts with a celebration of the beauty that surrounds us. She invites viewers to immerse themselves in this radiant world of color, hoping that her art brings as much joy to them as creating it brings to her.

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